Music Day in France !

Music Day is the celebration of music and a way to discover new talents. This day has evolved from a few scattered in the streets to a major event of the early summer.

  • The Music Day has been initiated by the Culture of Minister Jack Lang June 21, 1982 with the slogan "Make Music, Music Day ." The concept is simple: "the music everywhere and the concert nowhere" (Maurice Fleuret, 1981).

  • In 1982, five million people,among them the half are young people, play a musical instrument; the idea is to get people on the street at the Music Day. The date of June 21 is generally the first day of summer (northern hemisphere) and is also the longest day of the year.

  • In addition, this day refers to the old holiday tradition of St Jacques which is still celebrated in other countries. The success of this day is the one of all its actors, such as theaters, orchestras, bands, music festivals.

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