Language Teacher Assistant in Australia!

Here is a new testimonial! This one is from Tina, a 27 years old German girl. Currently, Tina is a teacher assistant in Australia.

The Language Teacher Assistant program in Australia is a program allowing students who want to become teachers to live and teach in Australia: during the program, participants assist a teacher of their native language.

This program is a great opportunity for students since they will become fluent in English and acquire practical teaching skills that will be useful once back home. Here is Tina's interview. When she did it, she had been in the program for 2 weeks! 

  1. How are you getting along with your Supervising Teacher? She is great! We get along very well!

  2. Explain how you feel about your duties and the expectations of the school. I assist the German teacher in the classroom and prepare exercises at home. It is good to see that I can support the students in learning German.

  3. How are you getting along with your host family? Perfectly!

  4. How are your English language skills developing? Every day and gradually, it seems to work a bit better.

  5. Tell us about any new friends you have made? I have met a lot of new people here since I arrived, especially at school, who are very friendly and helpful.

  6. What clubs or what extra-curricular activities have you joined? I have only been here for 2 weeks now. So far, I haven't joined any extra-curricular activities yet. Moreover, I had some problems in coping with that heatwave in the first week after my arrival. Some of the time after school, I use for doing important preparations for my university studies. Besides, I take delight in discovering the highlights of Bendigo.

  7. Tell us about any homesickness you are feeling? I am not homesick at all :). I really feel comfortable here.

  8. What is your biggest concern or preoccupation at this time? So far, I haven't any concerns :). I enjoy the time!

  9. What goals have you set for yourself for the next three months? - improving my English as good as possible - giving the students a great support in learning German - getting to know the Australian culture Do you think the Language Teacher Assistant Program could be a great program for you? Don't hesitate to contact us to get more information about it!
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