Testimonial from One of our Study and Volunteer Participants

A recent note we received from one of our Educational Travel students!
We love hearing from our students, both during their program as well as after.
And even more so when they share with us that their experiences learning abroad have provided them with new insight into their future and opportunities that they are looking into.

  • Andres is participating in our Study and Volunteer program in Australia. This program offers students from ages 21-30 to learn a new language and support a local nonprofit organization. "I wanted to let you know I am having such an amazing time here in Australia. I love the school and I am very happy with the host family. One of the bosses of Nacel was here a few weeks ago and I also communicated with him that I was very happy. I have done a bit of traveling so far. I have been twice in Sydney and I am traveling to Melbourne over Easter with Cristina and more people. I would like, then, to share a few photos with you in case you want to post them on your social networks. Please find attached some of these. Also, I would like to let you know I would be very happy to extend my stay if you can still do something in that regard. Cristina has mentioned a few times that it would be possible to extend it -since the school holds a visa agreement for three years now- but that it would depend on how things would go. I can say I am working really hard and doing my best to impress both her and the family. As a matter of fact, I am looking at starting a teaching career in Australia in the future and I have already got in touch with the education department so that they set me in the right directions. Accordingly, a whole year of experience in Australia would be more than great.

Kind regards Andres"

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