Enjoy our Summer sports and language camp in France!

Participating in a summer language camp can be a life changing educational opportunity, particularly for students who are on their pre-college journey.
It is a unique chance to learn another language, gain some new perspectives and learn about the diverse world we live in. For high school students it is an ideal way to discover some things about themselves as well.

  • A summer language camp in France offers a rich experience in renowned French traditions and of course their delectable cuisine. Students will be immersed in this rich culture while the language comes to life for them and they meet new friends from around the world. They will be amazed at how much language they pick up simply by hanging out with new friends and enjoying themselves.

  • A beneficial feature of the camps is the option for a combination of language learning with a sports activities program. Teens particularly enjoy the chance to develop their ability in their chosen sport and become better players, or learn an entirely new one.

  • A wide range of sporting choices are offered as well with opportunities to play soccer, surfing, basketball and tennis to name only a few. The combination of a sports focus together with a language program provides better instruction and accelerates the learning process while providing valuable physical benefits and sporting confidence for teens.

  • The educational benefits that result from attending a summer language and sports camp are widely recognized. By becoming immersed in the language, teens learn it quickly and easily. However, the additional skills and experience gained in personal growth and character are invaluable for their future as they move from high school to college.

Nacel Educational Travel offers sports and language camps in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France. Learn more here!

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