Prepare your summer camp in Canada with Nacel! 

While we are now looking forward to the snow in Canada, we are also getting ready for Summer 2022 and are really excited to be looking forward to offering our short term group programs in Canada once again.

From full homestay immersion programs of 3 weeks duration, to Tutorial programs offering English language lessons and sightseeing activities, there is something that will appeal to all of your students. Our programs are packed with fun, memorable experiences, great English learning, and of course maple syrup!

All programs feature host family accommodation on full board basis. These families will welcome your students into their homes, enabling the students to practice and improve their English language skills.

Below is a brief description of the Summer Camps in Canada. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more detailed information.

* 3 Week Summer Tutorial - Ontario (Toronto Area)

03 July - 23 July, 2022 & 31 July - 20 Aug, 2022. (individual clients only accepted in the August program) Students are divided in groups of 4 according to their language level and each group has their own professional educator.

Lessons are given 4 mornings in the groups and then all join together to go on excursions in the afternoons.

One full day excursion is planned each week (e.g Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland, Toronto Zoo) Evenings and weekends are spent with the host families.

* 3 Week Homeschool program – Ontario (Toronto Area)

10 July - 30 July, 2022

Students spend time with the family joining in with their regular daily life and activities.

They receive 15 hours of English classes on an individual basis.  Instruction will be given by a family member who has graduated in higher education.

* 3 Week Homeschool program with Coding Option – Ontario (Niagara Falls area)

 10 July - 30 July, 2022

Students spend time with the family joining in with their regular daily life and activities.

Homeschooling classes will be completed by Coding classes during 1 week of the program. Coding classes run from 9am to 1pm with lunch afterwards.

Beginner level and intermediate computer programming with the Python coding language are available.

* 4 week Homestay Immersion – Saskatchewan (Regina area)

03 July - 30 July, 2022

The name of the program describes it all!  Students get to stay with Canadian host families who welcome them into their home to discover the Canadian lifestyle.

Students will join the family in their everyday activities.

* 3 Week Homestay plus activities – Ontario (Toronto Area) 

03 July - 23 July, 2022

Students have the best of both worlds, living everyday life with their host families but also getting out with their peers twice a week.  One afternoon excursion per week and one full day trip per week is organized.

* 3 Week ESL plus activities - Toronto, ON  

10 July - 30 July, 2022

This program in an international language school is perfect for students who want to really improve their English skills. They get a unique experience between English lessons, meeting other international students and discovering Canadian life! ESL lessons are given in the mornings with excursions in the afternoons and 1 full day excursion per week.

* 2 Week Canadian Summer Camp - Ontario

10 July - 23 July, 2022

This program is a very immersive program for students who will be immersed in the Canadian way of life, spending a whole 2 fantastic weeks in a camp, with Canadian teenagers (English). Canoeing from island to island, dinner by the campfire, trying out some maple syrup delights and swimming in lakes, are just examples of the activities your students will experience in this Canadian Summer camp. Join in the fun and make Canadian friends! While the camp is in English, we would recommend to start the program with a homestay program for instance, so the students can get familiar with English  and make the most of the Canadian Camp.

* 2 Week Montreal Summer Festival Experience - Quebec

July, 2022

Montreal is our cultural capital, and Summer is filled with festivals. There is always something happening in the city, and our groups enjoy many one-of-a kind activities with this fun filled program. The ‘Just for Laugh’ festival, the international firework festival, the Jazz festival just to name a few. Of course, it is not just about festivals, our group will discover the city, the‘fun fair theme park’ on the river island, the mountain over seeing the skyscrapers, the museums, the European old town, the ‘underground city’ (over 40 km of underground mall), the famous and scrumptious Montreal bagels… Accommodation in English or French speaking family.

* 2 Week Alberta Trek – Alberta

July 2022

The Majestic Rocky Mountains, glaciers, icefields, crystal clear lakes, white water rafting, horseback riding, hiking, camping and campfires and “dinosaurs”  this program has it all. Our groups will get to experience what it was like in the Pioneer days, staying in Trapper tents, Tipis and rustic cabins, preparing meals and eating by the campfire whilst seeing some of the famous landmarks in Alberta such as Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper and the Badlands.

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