Nacel is happy to welcome you in Spain for the spring and summer 2021 as well as the school year 2021/2022!

International Boarding School in Spain

We offer international students a bilingual experience in Spain. They will study most of their subjects in English and learn the Spanish language intensively. They live at the dorms of their school.

Classic High School Exchange Program

Our Classic High School Exchange program in Spain allows students to be hosted by a Spanish family and attend regular classes in a local public or private Spanish high school. We use our extensive network of fully trained local coordinators to select throughout the country host families who welcome students into their homes. Our families are carefully selected and inspected, friendly, welcoming and open minded!

The student choose the length of his/her stay in Spain, from 4 weeks to a complete school year!

Come for just a few weeks: discover our Homestay and school integration in Spain

Looking for an exchange program in Madrid 

Both our local coordinator and staff in the main office are here to support our international students. Spanish host families introduce the students to local customs and offer the necessary support to our international students.

Summer Homestay Immersion in Spain

Students may also come during the summer. In that case they do not attend school naturally but enjoy their host family's lifestyle and activities for a few weeks. They improve their Spanish skills thanks to the constant immersion into the language. Native Spanish speakers also enjoy this program as a cultural discovery and exchange.


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