Bonjour from Paris,

In these difficult and unpredictable times, Nacel is very proud to launch its new 2021 campaign!

How did Nacel France manage through the pandemic?

We have supported, assisted and cared for all our students and host families throughout the lockdown up to the end of July when the last student has been able to make it back home safely! 

Did Nacel France welcome International students in September?

We have been very flexible and have welcomed our International students from mid-August up to mid-October for delayed arrivals due to visa issuance being slowed down.

Do you offer programs in 2021 and is it safe to choose France?

We are fully ready to welcome our 2021 students in good and safe conditions! Nacel has contracted an insurance extension to cover the cost and the care in case of Covid.

Student visas for minor aged students are now available again in most French Embassies.

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Learn more about our long term Academic programs and click on the programs for detailed information:

      High School in Paris Metropolitan Area (English and Spanish native speakers only)

      High school exchange in France

      Paris boarding school

      West of France boarding schools

      French Riviera boarding school

      Loire Valley boarding schools

      South of France boarding schools

     Permanent boarding school in the South of France

     International boarding school in Paris (IB World School) – American curriculum

For more information about our short term programs, click here:

      Summer Homestay in France

      Homestay and school integration in France

          French summer course in Paris with activities Residence

      Sports summer camp in France

     One-to-one French classes in Paris

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