New life studying abroad in Germany !

German high schools and universities have an outstanding reputation throughout the world. They contribute significantly in international applicable advances in research and innovation. The conditions for gaining a successful education in Germany are optimal for students planning to study in Germany.

  • NAME: Emma PROGRAM: High School Germany Emma of Halifax, Nova Scotia participated in the Nacel Canada Academic Program (2006-2007). Sent us this email during her stay; I'm happy to say that things are going much better for me here in Germany! The last time I emailed you I was requesting permission to go home to Canada for Christmas. Now that I look back at my last month's here, I'm happy to have had the chance to experience a German Christmas, even if it was a little hard to be away from home. I've now gotten to the point where I'm into a comfortable routine and I look forward to going to school, seeing my new friends, and attending different activities here. Just like my Nacel handbook had said all along, it really does get easier! I also wrote an article for The Chronicle Herald when I returned: Emma Reid of Halifax, Nova Scotia participated in the Nacel Canada Academic Program (2006-2007). Upon her return, she says the experience in Germany was wonderful. She continue to qualify there was an adjustment period for herself and her host family. Emma had minimum exposure to the German language before her departure; My schoolwork was impossible for me to keep up with, and my language problems werent helping me in any way.Then, one of her teachers in Germany turned things around. In one of my first German French Grade 11 classes, my teacher helped many of my classmates get to know me much better. She told us he had brought a newspaper article written about me. I was a little puzzled, considering the only newspaper article about me I could recall was the Great Kids piece written before I had even left Canada. He explained that friends of his were vacationing in Canada and were in Halifax the day the article was published. They saw that I would be attending the gymnasium school (in Trittau, near Hamburg) where my French teacher taught, so they brought the article home to him. He shared it with my classmates. Though it was a French lesson, I spent that entire class working on our English translating skills. They learned about my interests and background, a great way for them to get to know me, especially considering my poor German skills. It was a wonderful start to making friends. As the year progressed Emmas German language skills greatly improved and her involvement in various activities; turning it into a great success. Her host family enjoyed showing her their country, they traveled at all points of Germany. She misses the bakeries and enjoyed the directness of the people. They dont beat around the bush but say what they think, say Emma. Now that she is back home, she feels because of her experience she could get along anywhere.The experience was wonderful. I became much more independent. Id recommend to anyone. I certainly opened my eyes and showed me people are not all that different. Yes, I was glad to get home, but kind of sad to leave my new friends, too.German is one of the most important scientific languages, spoken by over 100 million people worldwide. Although English is a must, German is a plus; learning a foreign language can improve career chances in a globalized world. Thats why learning German is a good idea!

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