Planning to live in Canada ? General information and advices to enjoy your Canadian experience! 

You are planning to live in a Canadian host family? The advices below will help you to have an enjoyable experience with your host family abroad!

  • First day Upon arrival, you will likely be very tired, and speaking in English or French with your Canadian family could be difficult.
    Don't worry, your family knows that. Don't try to speak about too complicated subjects: instead of that, try to speak about where you come from, your family...
    You will have plenty of time during the rest of your stay to have long conversations with your Canadian host family.

  • Canadian host families Canada is a multicultural country: Canadian citizen come from many countries. Even if they are not Canadian natives, they will speak with you in English or French, depending on the location of your stay.
    The nuclear family is not as common as before: you may be with a divorced parent for example. Almost all women work in Canada.
    Even if this is different from your own family, you must try to adapt yourself: be open-minded!

  •  Canadian Room You may have to share your room with another foreign student, usually from a different country. This will be something you will know before departure. Also, in some Canadian houses, rooms can be small: if you don't have enough room for your things, tell it to your Canadian family: they will indicate you a place to put your things!

  • Washing clothes Ask to your Canadian host family when they do your laundry, so you can give your clothes. Offer to do your own laundry if they show you how the machine works.

  • Bathroom You will have to share the bathroom with the other members of the family. Try not to use it for more than 15 minutes. Ask to your Canadian host family which time is the best for you to take your shower. Bring your own products (shampoo, soap...).

  • Sundays Sunday is a relaxing and religious day in Canada. Your family will be pleased if you accept to accompany them to church.

  • Household In Canada, cleaning is made on weekends. Since women work, all family members participate in the house chores. As a host, you will be expected to do little chores on a daily basis: make your bed, keep your things tidy. Offer to dress up the table, and after eating help to clean up.

We hope these advices have been useful. Don't hesitate to share your Canadian experience with us!

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