Learn Spanish and live in Spain!

The Nacel Spanish school in Barcelona is located just a heartbeat away from the famous bustle of its most intense boulevard: Las Ramblas. This street is like the main artery of a bloodstream pumping hard and fast through every pulsing neighbourhood of this Catalonian gem. Everything is in the vicinity of Las Ramblas; shopping malls, boutiques, nightclubs, restaurants and theatres.
If you sign up for a Spanish course with Nacel, all this would be at your fingertips. The long stretched city beach is within walking distance, so once you and your classmates have finished your Spanish courses and your homework for the day, why not take a stroll down to the white sand and let the new lessons you acquired sink in as you refresh yourself with a swim in the Mediterranean.
Even if you are not very much interested in architecture, you are bound to be impressed by the imaginative designs of Gaudias inner-city buildings. They have an appearance of being almost organic, like the beautiful rounded wall patterns are alive.
There is also a Gaudi park close by, an oasis of green and his most creative designs.

  • To study Spanish in Barcelona with Nacel will give you access to their 4-story school building with 50 classrooms all equipped with state of the art technology in terms of audio and video installations, they host a computer lab with free internet and wireless access all over the school area.

  • If you are looking to soak up some sun, do it without having to struggle your way through a crowd down on the beach, instead opt for the school solarium terrace justly bragging over its beautiful views.

  • The school also offers extra curricular activities, such as excursions and cultural tours, more often than not completely free of charge.

  • The Spanish school in Barcelona does not only offer language courses in general Spanish, accommodating every level from beginner to advanced, but also gives you an in-depth knowledge of Spains history and unique culture.

So study hard and treat yourself to a tour through the magic ambience of Barcelonas gothic quarters on your spare-time, or take a bus to the majestic Camp Nou stadium. The options are endless if you sign up for the Spanish school in Barcelona, and I guarantee that what you will take away from this adventure is an experience and inspiration that will last you a lifetime. Not to mention a second language with a spread all over the globe.

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