Come to learn Spanish in Spain!

While there are opportunities for students to learn Spanish in over twenty different countries in the Central and South American regions, the many advantages of learning the language in its country of origin, its motherland, are too valuable to be overlooked.

  • Learning the Spanish language while living abroad in Spain provides the very best background for students to acquire excellent language skills while engaging in the unique and appealing Spanish heritage.

  • Living in Spain offers students an experience in a diverse and spectacular country, rich in history and tradition. The chance to become immersed in the way of life while living and breathing the language is an amazing incentive for learning. The Spanish passion for life is very appealing and students will find the friendly locals to be the most relaxed and welcoming hosts.

  • The country has so many exciting experiences to offer with beautiful beaches, great climate and plentiful festivals, not to mention the delicious cuisine and free spirited citizens. All these factors make learning Spanish in Spain so very rewarding and enjoyable for students who choose one of our Educational Travel programs.

  • Engaging with like minded, adventurous students while living abroad and developing Spanish language skills is an ideal way of gaining language proficiency. There is no better learning experience for students than testing out their abilities and using the language on a daily basis while cultivating an appreciation of the rich culture of Spain and making new Spanish friends.

When choosing to learn Spanish it makes perfect sense to learn it abroad in Spain, the country that first owned the language and to live amid the people who inherited the rich traditions, heritage and culture of the beautiful language.

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