Learn Spanish in Andalusia and enjoy your holidays! 

Have you ever heard about Andalusia? If you're eager to learn about new cultures then you should go to this beautiful region of Spain.

  • Lots of its cities are really worth seeing: Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Cadiz... Andalusia has actually a rich and unique history, and naturally enjoy a wonderful cultural inheritance thanks to the various civilizations that have been living in this region. Let's introduce you to the cities of Granada and Cadiz!
  • Granada is one of the most magical places in the world, full of contrasts. Throughout the centuries Granada has gained a worthy reputation of merging cultures and diverse trends. One of the most outstanding examples of architecture in the world is the Alhambra, an arabic palace that won't leave you indifferent...
  • The areas of Granada are so different from each other that you'll never get bored... Get lost in the Albayzon, the old Arabic quarter or in the Realejo, the old Jewish quarter and why not in the Sacromonte, where you'll enjoy some flamenco with the gypsies! Ole!
  • Apart from its historical importance Granada also offers endless cultural opportunities and entertainment thanks to its status as a university city: during the academic year half of the city's population are students! Granada is in fact well-known within Spain due to its prestigious University. But if you learn Spanish in Granada, you'll also enjoy wild night-life, warm welcome, las teteras which are wonderful arabic tea rooms, and so many other things...
  • On the other hand, if you want to learn Spanish in Cadiz you'll surely enjoy its white sandy beaches, dunes and transparent waters! Indeed, Cadiz is almost entirely surrounded by water, except for a narrow strip of land which connects the city to another island, San Fernando. Its idyllic location played a determinant role in its history of course. This rich history is not only present in historic buildings, but also in magnificent parks and charming squares where you will definitely enjoy having a rest.

Moreover, both Cadiz and Granada have an excellent climate: warm and temperate...

So what are you waiting for? Learn Spanish while enjoying these beautiful and unforgettable cities! But be careful, you might feel like never going back home again !!! Read Marie's testimonial about her great and unique experience in a Spanish language school in Granada!

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