Learn a new languageand travel around the world!

Can you imagine what it would be like to start your day early with breakfast in a small cafe, sipping on coffee or tea and enjoying a buttered and jammed croissant, before you head to explore the French Rivera or the Eiffel Tower?.
How about taking classes to learn a new language and ending your day with a complete three course French meal, which begins with an appetizer, such as a bisque; continues with a main course, such as Boeuf Bourguigon; and concludes with dessert, such as Creme Brulee or a cheese course.

  • You could also travel to Argentina and take in the Inca sites or Iguazu National Park, featuring several stunning waterfalls and a jungle. Practice speaking Spanish as you order up an empanada (a stuffed pastry,) Chorizo sausage, or Iocro, which is a mix of corn, beans, meat, bacon, onion, and gourd. A nice glass of the world's finest wines, including Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect ending to your Argentinan meal.

  • During your educational travel experience in Australia, you may be able to take time to experience the landscape of the Outback. With a strong British influence when it comes to cuisine, you would be able to enjoy fish and chips or Australian meat pie. For the more adventurous, there is always kangaroo meat. However, if kangaroo is not for you, another shrimp can be thrown on the barbie and washed down with a refreshing beverage.

  • Thinking of learning abroad in Japan? Learn Japanese while taking in some Sumo wrestling or the sites of Tokyo Disney. Enjoy a bowl of Miso soup, along with some sashimi or sushi.Of course, there is always the traditional tempura, soba, udon, or ramen as well.

  • All aboard that train to Marrakesh or Casablanca in Morocco. Kickboxing is one of the big attractions in Morocco, along with football. Learn Arabic as you enjoy traditional cuisines of Morrocco including couscous, khobz (a bread that is very popular with meals,) and Halwa Shebakia (cookies eaten during Ramadan.)

We offer several types of educational travel programs in each of these countries (and many more!) at Nacel International. Contact us for more information!

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