Learn English and discover New Zealand ,Work and Travel!

Have you ever heard about New Zealand? Maybe you have, but what do you know exactly from this beautiful wild country next to Australia? It's high time to enjoy a trip to New Zealand! That's a perfect way to improve your English in wonderful conditions, all the more so as if you get a job over there!

  • New Zealand is located in the South Pacific Ocean, 1200 miles southeast from Australia. Its name in Maori language is Aotearoa, which literally means "land of the long white cloud". Most of the people in New Zealand are European descendants. The indigenous Maori are in reality the largest minority of the island, even if people living in New Zealand come actually from all over the world... it's a wonderful multicultural English-speaking country!
  • If you go to New Zealand you'll first enjoy its cosmoplitan aspect, but it's not its only wealth. New Zealand enjoys unique natural resources such as mountains, wild forests, white sand beaches... be sure that you'll fall in love with this unique island country and its so numerous landscapes' beauties...
  • What do you think of these wonderful beaches? Want to have some holidays over there? And if you could work at the same time to improve your English and earn some money? Interesting, isn't it? That's totally possible. Indeed, the program called Work and Travel in New Zealand offers an incredible opportunity to combine tourism and work in this wonderful and unique island country. Come on and take part in this unforgettable experience!
  • The Work and Travel program in New Zealand is now available for citizens of UK, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Thailand, Norway, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland. NEW IN 2017! Citizens of Estonia; Korea; Latvia; Malaysia; Malta; Mexico (from March 31st 2010); Peru; Poland; Singapore; Slovenia (from April 5th 2010); Spain (from April 20th 2010); Taiwan (from June 1st 2010); Brazil (From September 1st 2010); China, USA; Uruguay (from October 1st 2010) can also apply for a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand.

So if you are citizen of one of the above countries, don't wait any longer and ask for further information about the program!

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