ESTA procedure to enter the United States

Study, work or travel in a foreign country often requires a lot of paperwork and especially for the U.S. territory. Indeed, the ESTA procedure is one of the necessary administrative procedures to study in the United States. Since 2009, participants must obtain the ESTA authorization prior to boarding an airline for the United States. 

  • ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is an electronic registration system requiring travelers who are part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) (27 countries) to register before boarding an airplane or a cruise ship bound for the United States.

  • This recording allows the government to do a pre-selection before granting them the right to enter the United States. ESTA now costs $ 14 (since August 10, 2010). However, this authorization is valid for 2 years (multiple entries) and can be made by third parties (travel, family and friends).

  • It is possible to update personal data at any time. A response will be given immediately in most cases.

  • Permission will be granted or not authorized or is "pending" (response sent within 72 hours). When permission is not granted, the participant will move to an embassy or consulate and apply for a visa.

  • The ESTA does not mean, however, that access to the United States is guaranteed.

  • Registration must be done on the following website: ESTA procedure Some private websites pose as government sites in the United States. These websites charge their customers to apply for ESTA for them. Make your own actions, you do not need to use the websites to apply. Remember if you let someone else do the application for you, you may get an invalid authorization. These administrative measures can ensure the security of the United States and somehow, your safety. Do not waste time, go and register on the website and fly in peace!

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