Choose to live in a host family abroad!

You want to learn a language abroad? The best way to accommodate is the host family. Immersing yourself in another culture, you will quickly improve your language level and enrich your vocabulary.

That's why, Nacel is in charge of recruiting host families so that everyone lives a complete and unforgettable experience.

  • Indeed, our host families are not randomly recruited. Each volunteer family receives a visit from a local coordinator who decides with predefined criteria, if the family meets the requirements or not.

  • The criteria are the quality of care, availability, comfort and willingness to welcome a foreign student. When we talk about host family, this may be a couple with or without children and maybe also retirees.

  • You can get the details of the host family between 3 to 10 days before departure.

  • If you join your child at the last moment it is possible that you do not have contact information for the family before the last day before departure.

  • You can of course contact the family before the departure of your child.

  • Most of the time when we are invited to visit friends, we always take some present as a matter of politeness.

  • Therefore, we recommend that you provide a simple gift to the family.

  •  Remember to avoid food or drinks.

The local coordinator who selected host family will take care of your child's placement after having seen his/her application form.
Therefore, it is important to complete it carefully, mentioning any potential health problems for example.

Finally, activities represent a cost to families, so the host family is not required to provide outings and activities on weekends. Maintain a permanent communication, direct contact with another culture, mentality and lifestyle of a foreign family!

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