Canadian studentĀ“s testimonials: Academic Year in France and in Germany!

You will find below the testimonial of 2 Canadian students who participated in Nacel's programs.  About two experinces on in France and the other in Germany. 
Discover how their experience abroad with Nacel was!

  • David, Academic Year Program in France This testimonial has been published in Stettler Independent, a newspaper, in August 2005 and is about David's experience in France. A different kind of education (Laura Drake, reporter) David of Stettler, Alberta spent an academic year in France (2014 - 2015), in the Brittany region as part of Nacel Canada's Academic Programs. Though he chose to delay graduating from high school to participate in the program, David quotes 'It was a great experience and I've taken a lot from it". He does admit it took him about a month to adjust to the language, "I had a good vocabulary but putting it together so I made sense took about a month". Though school kept him busy, he also found time to do some tourist things with his host family. Part of the program includes the participant be placed with a host family in the region. David describes his family as 'very stereotypically French" for example, meals at home consisted of several courses. He also made lots of friends in France, whom he says he will likely visit when he returns to France.
  • Emma, Academic Year Program in Germany This testimonial is an email received from Emma of Halifax, Nova Scotia, that she wrote us during her Academic Year Program in Germany. Emma participated in the Nacel Canada Academic Program during the year 2006-2007. I'm happy to say that things are going much better for me here in Germany! The last time I emailed you I was requesting permission to go home to Canada for Christmas. Now that I look back at my last months here, I'm happy to have had the chance to experience a German Christmas, even if it was a little hard to be away from home. I've now gotten to the point where I'm into a comfortable routine and I look forward to going to school, seeing my new friends, and attending different activities here. Just like my Nacel handbook had said all along, it really does get easier!

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