Build Bonds that last forever by Studying Abroad!

Choosing to embark on a language abroad program while in high school is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make.The perk of being a teen is that you do not yet have many serious responsibilities holding you back. Never again in life will you be able to pick up and just go live somewhere for a few months or even a year. If you want to learn a foreign language and the opportunity presents itself you should take advantage of it. There are many hidden benefits to taking part in an educational travel program,

  • The first being that you will make friends that will last a lifetime.

  • Immersing yourself into a new culture makes you dependent upon those that you live with and will force you to bond quickly with them.

  • Unlike your friends back home, you will actually be living and experiencing an entirely new culture with your host family. This will bond you for life, and that relationship is one that you will never forget.

  • Now with the invention of so many social networks, it will be easier than ever to stay in touch and continue to exchange cultural insights and tidbits about life.

  • Studying abroad, most teens end up making friends from all over the world because not only do they bond with their host families, but they also bond with other teens that are from other parts of the world taking part in the language abroad program.

  • Since you are all foreigners you will be able to connect over the shared experience even though you have different backgrounds. Once again, you will easily be able to keep in contact with these teens and down the road can actually say that you have friends from all over the globe!

Since 1957, Nacels programs have provided young people with the opportunity to discover new things about themselves and the world around them in safe and fun learning environments. Contact us for more information!

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