Advice to the young for study abroad!

To study abroad has become an increasingly vital part of growing up, but there are more benefits linked to attending language schools abroad than the more experience of making it on your own in a strange environment.

  • At an age where you are not just young at heart, but body and mind as well, it is a scientific fact that your brain is more susceptible to really integrate new knowledge, making it a natural part of yourself rather than a costume that you are able to wear, but you never feel quite comfortable in.

  • The younger you are, the more likely you are to be able to speak a second language like a true native, not only due to neutrons and brain cells, but because the thorns of the world that makes an adult develop a social armor of conduct and self-awareness, hasnt yet sunk their claws into you, leaving you with an openness and natural curiosity for taking new things to heart.

  • Another thing that just comes with the territory of learning a second language at an early age is that its like doing push-ups for your brain. Only you will not grow more muscles, youll grow smarter, which in the long run is going to serve you far better in every field, the opposite sex included.

  • And Im not saying that just to be the teachers pet, heavy research has been done in this area, showing a direct link between learning a new language and performing better in tests no matter what the subject is.

  • You really should take advantage of that opportunity, and to study languages abroad at one of the many language schools available is the perfect way of doing that.

  • You will experience all the adventure you can handle, and in the process, you come out the other end with the added bonus of the freedom to choose the direction of your life.

  • Its a luxury that money just cant buy.

  • Language schools abroad are there for your taking, wherever you are from and wherever you are going, and to have any of the major languages- English, Spanish, French, German as a backbone will give you a head start in the race of life and career.

  • To learn languages abroad is not only the most exciting way of doing that; it is also the most effective.

So if your parents are hesitant of letting you run off to study abroad, just wave this little piece of paper in their face and ask them if they really are prepared to stand in the way of you becoming the great leader of your country.

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