This is your opportunity come and study a year in Italy !

An academic year abroad is a wonderful experience for a student who decides to participate in these kind of programs.

Here is another testimonial: Viviana is a young Ecuadorian student aged 19. She is currently participating in an High School Program in Italy!

  • Dear Nacel, "Being an exchange student has been a wonderful experience. I am really happy; I am enjoying myself and I am learning so many things. My host family is really nice. I feel that I am really a part of the host family!!!! and I am really happy because I had to move to a different family, but not because we had a problem, they couldnt host me. But they are really nice, sometimes I go to their place for dinner. With my current host family I get along really well!!!! I am doing well at school too, my Italian is improving every day, and I also have made a lot of friends. At the beginning I was kind of scared because everybody told that the first couple of months of this experience are hard because you get to feel lonely or homesick. But it has been different to me because since the day I arrived I have been really happy, and the time has been going so fast that I would like to stay longer, but I cant hehe. NACEL has been great too; they have supported me all the time. Every day of this experience has been unforgettable!! The fact that you are away from home, experimenting a new culture, a new language gives you the opportunity to grow, its kind of hard at the beginning, but you realized how much you can improve and grow all the time. I do miss my city, my family and friends sometimes, but I´m aware that the time is going by really fast so. I want to enjoy every single day of my year as an exchange student." Viviana

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