Experience and study abroad in a International High School in the USA!

Did you know that some high schools were truly international?

In these high schools, students from the whole world study together.

We are going to present you one of these high schools today, the St Paul Preparatory School in Minnesota!

  • The Saint Paul Preparatory school is a private American high school located in St Paul, Minnesota. This private American high school welcomes each year international students as well as local American students, in a pleasant, international atmosphere.

  • This high school is part of a network of international high schools throughout the world: USA, but also Korea, Poland, China, Kenya.

  • These private American high schools gives students the opportunity to get an American education, to improve their knowledge of English, and to increase their global and cultural understanding of the world, by sharing their everyday life with students from the whole world! 

  • The Saint Paul Preparatory School in Saint Paul is located in Galtier Plaza, in the downtown of Saint Paul. This exceptional location allows students to have many extra curricular activities, and provides an access to many facilities!

  •  During their international program at Saint Paul, international students are hosted by an American family. This allows them to be fully immersed in the American culture, and its also a great help for students to have a host family to support them during their stay! Their American host family is really like another family, and will support students during their stay abroad!

  • At the Saint Paul Preparatory School, students receive an American education in a very individualized way: there are between 6 and 25 students in a class. Students not only learn academic knowledge, but they also have the opportunity to get a unique experience of life.
  • Students come from many countries and this is a perfect ground for international understanding! Students enrolled in the Saint Paul Preparatory School also have many extra curricular activities. There are many clubs where students can enhance their global and specific skills: student leadership council, math club, Model UN, Mock trial, Theatre Club, Science Club, Art Club, Speech Club.

  • Students are also offered the opportunity to participate in many of the traditional American festivities: special animation during elections, Prom night, Halloween, Thanksgiving Students get unforgettable memories during these events!

  • Many schools trips are also organized, in order to enable students to discover USA and their culture during their stay at the Saint Paul Preparatory School! 

Students from the whole world have enjoyed their stay at Saint Paul for years!In the next weeks, we will publish some of their videos or a picture, showing what life in an international high school is! Stay tuned for these articles!

If you are interested in this unique opportunity and would like to study in an international high school too, I encourage you to contact us to get more information about it!

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