A Mexican High School Exchange Student in Brazil !

Saying good bye to my parents was difficult; I mean I was not going to see them in a long time and I kept wondering how was it going to be to get up in another house and say good morning to a family that wasnt my family. 
That really scared me a lot. When I cross the gate of the plane, I looked into myself and notice that I was going to experience a huge change.
I was not going to be a teenager anymore that relies on his parents to get everything that I need and also most importantly, I realized that I needed to start to make my own life. 

Collage of Photos taken in Brazil When I arrived in Brazil something strange happened. I was no longer afraid, it was like something changed in me and made me feel that everything was going to be fine. When I first met my Brazilian father I knew that this experience was going to be incredible and when I met my Brazilian mother I felt happy and secure. Suddenly I felt that a needed to know this lovely country from the top to the bottom and did my thing. Brazil its a country full of contradictions, on one hand its a growing economy with a first class growing economy and population; on the other hand they have also people that lives in extreme poverty.
That reminded me of Mexico a lot, and also made me thought, what its going wrong in the world? I mean, how are people not realizing what its going on? They live like theyre in a bubble that covers them from the reality that their living? I got very angry with myself, because I had to go to another country to realized that Mexico its in a very bad situation too.
I guess that the big difference about Brazil and Mexico its that Brazil wants to make a change and the ones that are searching for it are the young ones.
I saw how the teenagers wanted the best for their future and how they were searching for ways to improve the economy, health and most importantly the education.
They are doing it and Brazil its changing because of them. I really didnt know why I chose Brazil to make my academic exchange, but something inside me told me that Brazil had a lot to show me and teach me. My feeling werent wrong at all. Now I have tons of new ideas and a new sense of change and I dont know how, but I would like to share these with my family, friends and the entire world.

So now I know why I chose Brazil, and I couldnt be happier with my choice. I really would have loved to stay a little bit more and without a doubt I would love to go back, mainly to visit my Brazilian family and also my new friends that I really love and also consider them part of my family and why not to dance a little bit of samba. David Villalobos Preciado Exchange Student from Mexico to Brazil, 2013

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