Some information you need to know about meals and hygiene of American Host Familiy!

Meals and hygiene are two important components of everyday life : if you are going to live in an American host family, these advices below may be very useful!

American Meals There are usually 3 meals in the typical American day:

  • Breakfast Taken around 8am, breakfast is usually coffee or milk, with toasts, butter and marmalade, or cereals with milks, and orange juice. This is a very important meal, don't skip it!

  • Lunch Usually taken between 12am and 1pm, it is a quick meal, except on Sunday: Hamburger, hot-dog... Usually, you have to help yourself out in the fridge or go to the local fast food.

  • Dinner (or supper) The American family doesn't meet often to take this meal. It can be a pizza or a hamburger everyone eats when hungry. However, more traditional families take a real dinner together, eaten between 6 and 8 pm, with salad, meat, vegetables, dessert...
    Don't be afraid if your family doesn't offer to prepare your meals: they will tell you to help yourself out and you should not hesitate to do so!
    On Saturday and Sunday, in most families, breakfast and lunch will be replaced by a lunch, a big breakfast, that will be taken around 11am. On these days, there will be a dinner like the other days.
    American people eat a lot of beef or chicken meat, but usually meals are balanced.
    Since people usually eat a lot of snacks between the meals, you will have to pay attention not to eat too much. You should at least try to taste everything that is offered for you. And always thank your hostess and congratulate her for what she has prepared!

About clothes Hygiene is a really important matter in the US: take it seriously!

  • In most families, there will be several washings a week: ask to your family when you should give your clothes to wash it, and even offer your help to do it since usually washing machines are easy to use there: be sure to have understood how the machine works first! American people really take cleanliness seriously.

  • They would be bothered if you or your clothes were not clean: pay attention to this point: change your clothes and take a shower everyday.

 We hope this information have been useful: don't hesitate to share your experience with us!

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