If you'd like to improve a foreign language abroad and work or participate in volunteer activities, here are our study and volunteer programs abroad for students and adults!

It can be activities or internships abroad combined with language courses.

It's a programme that allows you to improve your language skills in a specialized field. Take part in our internship programme in England! You can internship in the following sectors: Tourism, Veterinary, Dentistry, Automotive Mechanics, Law, Office Management, Hairdressing and Beauty. 

English Study and Volunteer

What should I expect from a Study and volunteer program abroad?

You are:

  • University student
  • Young adult 

You are looking for to:

  • improve a foreign language
  • boost your CV
  • live a new experience abroad

You can book your language course and attend daily language classes in a language school for some weeks, living with a local host family or in a student residence. In the meantime we look for the best possible placement for you to attend an unpaid internship in a local company or shop.   

After having completed your course and improved your communication skills, you are welcomed by a local company or shop to start your volunteer experience abroad. You receive a certificate after completion of both the language and the work part of your program. 

We currently offer an unpaid internship program in London for European Union students. 

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