Grading based on Council of Europe’s Common Reference levels

A1 Beginner/Elementary user
You identify and reproduce isolated words or memorised expressions.

A1 Elementary user
You understand short phrases and know how to express basic needs. You can introduce yourself and ask somebody and reply to basic questions.

A2 Elementary user
You understand practical information in daily life as well as simple messages. You can make yourself understood in situations that you are already familiar with. You can describe in simple terms a person, place or object.

B1 Independent user
You understand the main gist of texts or oral production and express yourself understandably on topics covering everyday life. You can talk about an event, an experience or a dream and give reasons or explanations for a plan or an idea.

B2 Independent user
You understand detailed information in texts or oral production and express yourself clearly on topics relating to your centre(s) of interest or even give a short simple presentation. In social conversation you can talk about a range of topics.

C1 Experienced user
You understand complex texts and oral production in detail and express yourself with self-assuredness and precision on various topics. You can take part in lengthy casual conversations and discuss abstract or cultural topics fluently and with a good range of expression.

C2 Experienced user
You understand everything you read or listen to in various areas. You grasp language nuances and interpret complex documents discerningly. You can express yourself spontaneously, correctly and fluently. You can give arguments on complex topics.

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