Destinations: United States

Age: From 14 to 17 Years Old

Language: English

Dates: August to June.

Length: Academic Year

Price: From 18 000 USD


Be an exchange student in an American private school

Your Exchange Program in a private High School in the USA with Nacel International:
The Nacel Private High School Program in the USA is designed for exchange students who wish to complete a High School Diploma and prepare for American Universities. Students go to a private high school for 2 to 5 years and most of them continue their University education in the country. Our exchange students come as 10th or 11th graders. A few enter the program as 9th graders.
Through an extensive interviewing, testing, and screening process, only high-achieving college-bound students are selected for the program.

What should I expect from my school year in a private school?

Nacel offers a wide choice of more than 120 private schools all over the USA, offering a safe and friendly environment to more than 500 exchange students every year.
Besides main stream courses, most of these schools also offer Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses.

Study Abroad in the USA

Nacel will select the most suitable schools based on the exchange student’s profile, preferences, interests and budget. Nacel places exchange students in private schools in: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 
Extracurricular activities are offered in all schools: some of them emphasize sports (popular sports like baseball, basketball, football etc. but also more specific sports like golf or ice hockey) and/or on arts and music (choir, band, drama, photography etc.). Many social clubs are also available.

Graduation is possible during your F-1 exchange program in the USA.

School type:



Apply at least 6 months before arrival.


Exchange students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted in this private High School program in the USA (preferably in English).
A strong English proficiency and excellent academic results are required for a F-1 exchange program.
There is an extensive interviewing, testing, screening and selection process before being able to participate in this High School program in a private American High School.


Study abroad in the USA and live with a host family, providing full board (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner).


Please request more information through the contact form.  

Private High School in the USA
Examples of prices 2018 (the final price will depend on the school chosen)

Country School Location Dates Prices in USD*


Around 40 schools located in New York, Iowa, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and Virginia.

August to June

Between 18 000 and 26 000 USD


Around 70 schools located in Minnesota, Virginia, Nebraska, South Carolina, New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Georgia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Rhode Island, Oregon, Maryland, Kentucky and Ohio.

August to June

Between 26 000 and 34 000 USD


Around 15 schools located in Connecticut, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Florida.

August to June

Between 34 000 and 51 000 USD

The application to your student exchange program in the USA is done in six stages:
1. An interview is carried out with you and your family to determine eligibility
2. You complete the application form and return it to us with supporting documents
3. We issue the formal acceptance and start working on your placement
4. Arrangements are made for your placement and communicated to you
5. We assist you to apply for your visa if necessary
6. You determine your travel arrangements and we organize your arrival

We wish you a successful exchange program in a private High School in the USA!

Price includes:

On quotation, depending on the school.

Price does not include:

On quotation, depending on the school.

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