Study in the United States!

We want you to have a very good experience studying in the United States with your host family, so here are some shrewdnesses to help you become the best young foreign guest:

  • Above all, allow yourself the opportunity to experience a new culture and open the door to communicate with your host family. Therefore do not consider your host family as a hotel.

  • Nobody is immune to moments of sadness so do not you withdraw into yourself and open yourself to your family.
    Do not hesitate to confide in them and if you prefer a neutral person, contact your chaperone or your local coordinator.

  • Make a maximum effort to express yourself using symbols if necessary and remember that a smile can be very infectious!
  • Go beyond a simple "thank you ", show your appreciation with enthusiastic participation, positive attitude and an inquiring mind.

  • Be adventurous, motivated and enjoy the differences.

  • Do whatever you can to make of your stay a positive experience. If you are introverted and shy, force yourself to change for a month!
  • Plan to use some of your pocket money to please your host family during your stay. Host families are pleased when you offer to pay for a soda, ice cream, cake, outings.

  • Do not plan anything without the agreement of your host family and remember that this program would not be possible without the generosity of host families who planned to welcome you.

  • Taste new foods, do not hesitate! You can even prepare a typical national dish for your host family. Share your culture with them it is an exchange!

  • Also remember that you are a representative of your country, so be a good example of it! 

  • Do not expect to do activities every day because activities have a cost for the family who can maybe not afford to do activities all the time.

  • This program is non-smoking. In the United States, it is illegal to consume alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 years, so do not ask to consume alcohol during your stay. 

  • Of course, do not forget to write a letter of thanks to the host family upon your return! At the end of your stay you will complete an end-of-stay questionnaire, your host family will do the same.

We wish you a memorable stay and that your host family will believe you are the best young foreign guest in the world! Choose our Homestay in France or our Homestay in Argentina! Read our FAQs before travelling abroad!

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