Destinations: Monaghan, Cavan Ireland

Age: From 13 to 18 Years Old

Language: English

Dates: September to May

Length: Term, Semester, Academic year

Price: From 8 690 EUR


Be an international student in a private school in Ireland

Fancy spending some time amongst beautiful green landscapes, a quiet lifestyle and becoming part of a High School with one of the longest trajectories and prestige in Ireland? Then this program is a perfect match for you! 
The facilities of our school are located in the province of Monagham, just bordering with Northern Ireland. The High School program in Ireland will allow pupils  not only to immerse in the Irish Education System, but will also give them the unique opportunity to experience firsthand the essence of the country’s breathtaking beauty and culture. 

Highlights of the Program:

- Diverse Educational System: Ireland offers a very stable and diversified educational structure compared to other European countries. We welcome over 80 students from North America, South America and Asia every year. 

- Local support while studying abroad: Students will receive constant support from their Irish Host Family, the guardianship of a local coordinator and pastoral care at the school 24/7. The safety and emotional welfare of our students is our main priority. 

- Free E-Learning Course for International Students (Non-English Speaking Countries): Our High School exchange program in Ireland offers a free e-learning platform for you to start practicing your English before your arrival. We make sure you have all the tools you need to be prepared and ready to go!

- Great Anglo-speaking destination at the best price: Studying abroad in Ireland is now possible thanks to our affordable prices and payment structures! Learn more about our accesible payment options by contacting us.

School type:

Co-Educational Secondary private School


Apply at least 5 months before arrival.


Exchange students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted for a High School program in Ireland (preferably in English).
A minimum of two years of English study and good academic results are required to study in Monaghan and Cavan.
This high school program in Ireland is open to non-European Union students.


Host Families

Irish Host Families are known to be warm and supportive at all times with our students. Nacel performs a careful selection of the families based on availability as well as the pupil’s interests and needs. We usually work with families that have kids already going to School, however students interested in applying must be open minded about:
-    Being placed in a single parent family or a retired couple family
-    The possibility of sharing room with a host sister or another international student. 
The participants of the program will be on a full board basis (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Packed lunched during school days).  


Accreditation of Grades: 

International students have 2 options to accredit their transcripts via apostille of hangen if this is required by the school in the country of origin):

•    Option A: The student stays longer in Ireland and does the apostille process on their own. The student will have to stay an extra three weeks, and for each extra night the student stays, he or she will have to pay the host family 25 EUROS per night. 

•    Option B: Nacel’s local coordinator does the apostille process for the student. For an additional sum of 300 EUR the local coordinator will apply and completed the procedure to obtain the apostille for the student, and once it is ready will ship it back via private courier. 
Please feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives for more detailed information about these particular options. 

Application Process:

Students interested in starting an application for this program must: 

1. Have a conference call with a Nacel Program coordinator to determine eligibility. We look for students who are emotionally mature and show good academic performance. 
2. If you decide to move forward with the application process you will need to complete a one time booking and pay a non-refundable fee of 265 EUR. (65 EUR are application fees and 200 EUR will be applicable to the total cost of the program) 
3. Once booking is completed, we will send you the application forms. They must be  filled out and returned to us via email in a PDF File. 
4. If you are accepted into the program, we will issue an Invoice and Acceptance letter.
5. If necessary, we can provide you with all the relevant material for your VISA application, however please bear in the mind that the student will be responsible for carrying out this process. Depending on their Nationality students will only be required to present the school acceptance letter, an Insurance certificate, a letter from the Natural parents authorising their participation in the program and the Invoice upon arrival. Please contact your local Embassy to learn more about this process. 
6. The final step is booking your International flight, it is imperative you share the travel details with us so we can arrange your transfers from Dublin.  

High School program in Monaghan or Cavan (Non EU students)
Prices 2017

Country Program Dates Location Ref. Price Student´s citizenship
High School in Monaghan,  Ireland Fall Term September to December Monoghan ZEPT2 9 190 EUROS Non EU
High School in Monaghan, Ireland Spring Semester January to May Monaghan ZEPS2 10 490 EUROS Non EU
High School in Monaghan, Ireland Academic Year September to May Monoghan ZEPY2 14 440 EUROS Non EU
High School in Cavan, Ireland Fall Term September to December Cavan ZEPT1 8 690 EUROS Non EU
High School in Cavan, Ireland Spring Semester January to May Cavan ZEPS1 9 990 EUROS Non EU
High School in Cavan, Ireland Academic Year September to May Cavan ZEPY1 14 190 EUROS Non EU

Price includes:

- Administration fees
- School registration and tuition fees
- Host family accommodation with full board (packed lunches on school days); accommodation included during Christmas and Easter holidays
- Orientation on arrival by the local coordinator
- Airport pick-up and transfer on arrival and departure only
- Support, assistance and 24 hours emergency phone number during the whole program

Price does not include:

- International airfare
- International Travel insurance
- Visa, passport and medical exam fees
- Extra activities organized by schools and others
- Daily transfers from family to school (bus passes might be necessary)
- School uniforms and sport uniforms (250 EUR), school books
- Extra language courses
- Personal expenses and pocket money
- Medical and Emergency Repatriation Insurance
- Application fees (65 euros)

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